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What is your fee structure?

The fee we charge is a percentage of the amount of money we manage for you. In addition, when your accounts grow, it’s possible that your fee percentage is smaller. Included in your fee is the following:


• Investment advising

• Comprehensive financial planning

• Ongoing financial advice and guidance

• 24/7 account access

• Regular meetings throughout the year


Our goal is to help you remain financially secure and to partner with you throughout every season of your life. Please refer to our ADV 2A for a full description of our fees and business practices.

You’re a four-person company? That’s kind of scary.

Interestingly enough, we have the resources of a big company and potentially more. Because we are a four-person operation, we work with specialists to support the services we provide to you. The beauty of this is we get to be nimble and strategic with who we partner with, instead of being limited to whatever a big firm chooses to give us. If we can hire, we can fire if we find the service to be less than what we demand for our clients (we’ve done this once already).  


• Certain administrative and support services - NWAM, LLC dba RIA Innovations.*

• Custodians for holding client assets - Fidelity and Schwab

• Research - Fidelity, Schwab, BlackRock, First Trust

• Trading/Rebalancing, investment manager options - 55ip

• Financial planning - Right Capital

*RIA Innovations and the WealthGarden are not affiliated.”

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Have another question?

As Your Life Evolves, Your Financial Strategy Should Too.

Plans change. Circumstances shift. Newfound goals are established. As you move through life’s ebbs and flow, we help you plan around the things you care most about. If our comprehensive approach sounds like something you’re looking for, we invite you to learn more about working with us or contact our team to talk.

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